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Optimizing Ocean Living Organisms Through Canning Fish Factory

Indonesia has both natural resources and human resources. The country is famous of agricultural product with a very great amount variety. It’s not only on land site but also on ocean site. Long time ago, we have known that Indonesian ancestor are sailors. The cultivation of ocean living organisms doesn’t execute optimally by the people. Today, the focus market of business area is only oriented on land. What’s wrong if we play a role in this problem to optimize ocean products?

One of the ways to increase additional rill income of coastal society is by increasing the additional value of their product. Bengkulu is a famous province. It has produced frugality fish which has high export quality, like Tuna and Tenggiri. In a nutschell, it always sells it’s product without considering the additional value process. Actually, if we can break the mindset, we will get more. The participation of Government is needed by the coastal societies because they can not stand on their own feet. The project shows us the result of additional income from the coastal. Then it will be able to hire local worker.

Indeed, as an exertion to increase the populist economics in a real manner, we need both local investor and even foreign. One they must be able to pay Canning fish factory and bring it out of Bengkulu. What about the location of the development plan? It will not make a great deal of difference to be decided. We can evaluate objectively bai port is suitable to be taken as location of this project. The factory is near the port. It makes the distribution process to distribute the products easier. The expectationof market is not only to fill local demand up. But also to fulfill the need of other provinces.

The intervention of government and private firms to our economy is very useful. It can produce multiplier effect and affect the province, especially in economical development. In the other side, the jobs combination is  exceptionally beneficial for Government.  It will invite profit for it realm in many sectors. The Tax rate must be appropriate and not deceit the investors. Last, it can also overcome the problem of unemployment in our province. Because of that, the realization in strengthening  the populist economy on long term should be done. We need Government to mediate the Investors to all of resources that we have.


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