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First Time writing on “Writing101”

Last couple weeks ago, I got a notification from wordpress.com about short-course in writing.  I suppose that this course is essentially important for those who want to improve their writing skill. If we see the latest phenomenon in recent days, people believe that writing skill is cannot be obtained instantaneously. However, intensive writing will gradually influence your pattern style of writing. For instance, by participating in Writing101, will facilitate us in studying about how to expand our perspectives, particularly how to start not only stellar writing, but we can also start identifying how to differentiate the academic and non academic writing. Following this course will not spent longer time, we just need to devote around 20 minutes for generating good idea on a piece of paper, but now we just change it to write on our personal blog.

Enjoy your writing, and be happy for the progress


About bertousman

Many people say that to be different is exclusive, it is in line with what my friend had already said to me "Form is temporary, but Class is permanent". I absolutely agree with this one.


2 thoughts on “First Time writing on “Writing101”

  1. An interesting perspective. I hope you are correct and that our creative juices will flow a little easier.

    Posted by creakingbones | April 6, 2015, 1:20 pm
    • Of course yes, we hope this program can facilitate us in boosting our writing skill, your site is amazing, fully loaded with informative content. It is a good method in conducting knowledge sharing.

      Posted by bertousman | April 6, 2015, 3:10 pm

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