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“Writing101” day 2: A Room with a View


If I could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would I go to right now? Sometimes I thought that it was a ridiculous question. Even though it is impossible to go through a place, but I am happy to imagine that I can stand in a certain place which I had visited in past time, for remembering several kind of the best memorable moments in my life, particularly when I lived in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta, is a beautiful and lovable city, which has numerous cultural diversities. It is located in central Java, about an hour flight from capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. Yogyakarta is one of tourism destination in Indonesia. Besides, it also widely known as student city, in which many prospective students come from all around provinces in Indonesia. There are three big state universities located here, namely, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta State University, and Islamic State University of Sunan Kalijaga.

Last three years ago, I studied at a state university in Yogyakarta, namely Gadjah Mada University. This university is very peaceful, and good destination for studying. When I felt so boring, due to the stressful of job and assignments, I would like to spend my time to hang out with friends. Several tourism destinations became our target to visit. There are several places that are famously known for foreign or even local tourists, such as Mount of Merapi, Royal spa, Town square, Historical places, Malioboro street and so forth.

One of our tourism destinations was Malioboro street, the local cluster of industrial and trade activity. Most of tourists are visiting this place for buying souvenir and handcraft, doing business, or just having fun with colleagues. In the holiday, this area is fully loaded with many people. This place offers many interesting experiences which are not found on the other place. For instance, in Malioboro street, many local people sell traditional handy craft, starts from small size to big size. Batik is also a product offered by the local producer and seller in Malioboro street. The form of Batik is such a kind of handmade cloth, made of various types of patterns and designs. It is provided and can be easily found along Malioboro street. When I visited Yogyakarta, I inclined to buy batik as my mementos.

Besides, the warm environment, friendship, hospitality, and the welcome of native people are attracting many people to come here. This place is a lovable city. Most of my best memorable moments happened here, especially when I studied in this city. I spent many times with a full of schedules, but I still can focus to refresh my brain by visiting some beautiful tourism destinations with friends. So that, this place is totally recommended to visit.


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Many people say that to be different is exclusive, it is in line with what my friend had already said to me "Form is temporary, but Class is permanent". I absolutely agree with this one.


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