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Day Three: Commit to a Writing Practice (“Favorite Songs”)


If talking about my favorite songs, as instructed by prompts and twist from Writing101 today, I tend to choose three songs that have shown meaningful lyrics for me.  The first song that I really love the most is “Ibu”, created by Melly Goeslaw and is sung by herself. Second, “Ayah” which is sung in a duet performance by Peterpan and Serious Band. Third, I prefer to choose a song from a British boy band, “Westlife” with the title “More than Words”.

All of those songs obviously relate to my personal life. I believe in those lyrics are written from the depth inside of those writers’ heart. Probably, these lyrics are created based on the true story and the writers’ experiences. Therefore, those songs are clearly captivating many listeners to enjoy the music. The harmony of music is truly mesmerizing and is performed in a stunning way. Besides, it is observable that several factors are triggering entertainment industry, particularly music and musicians to grow significantly. The increasing performance of music industry is relating to the creativity and innovation. These two supporting factors are literally needed with regard to the development of consumer’s preferences of music.

In Indonesia, the music industry has developed in remarkable progress. If we track back to the last decades, the number and variation of musical instruments are growing in advance. Given to this condition, it is plausible for composer of even music writer to invent some new color of musics. Herewith, as I have said in the first writing, I prefer to hear and enjoy slow music, in which directly touch my feeling about social life. For instance, closed relationship between family members is suitable to be developed and written on a piece of paper, and is transformed as a good lyrics. Of course many people would like to enjoy this music. However, on the other side, for those who do not prefer to slow music will incline to choose alternative music, such as rock stream, reggae, and so forth. It depends on the one’s preference about the type of music that they really like the most.

Back to my favorite song, “Ibu” and “Ayah” are such like a couple of songs that relates each other. These two songs are complementing. The lyric of “Ibu” tells the listeners of the big love that has been shown by the children to mother. This song is truly appropriate for those who usually miss their mother, especially when she took care and looked after the children. Further, the lyric of “Ayah” has performed on the same way. In which the situation is drawn in terms of big miss and love of children to their parents, particularly father. The two songs are beautifully packaged and mesmerizing many listeners to enjoy it.

In addition to the third song, I choose Westlife due to its ability to create and sing the song in a beautiful manner. They are not only singing the love song, but they also reveal the reality of love itself. Sometimes, by listening Westlife’s music, I can generate and push myself to obtained more spirit. It is true that music can be supporting factor in boosting and fostering our spirit when we feel bad and down. Therefore, music tends to appear not only to entertain, but when we hear the special music at any specific time will also represent the recent condition of our mood and feeling.


About bertousman

Many people say that to be different is exclusive, it is in line with what my friend had already said to me "Form is temporary, but Class is permanent". I absolutely agree with this one.


2 thoughts on “Day Three: Commit to a Writing Practice (“Favorite Songs”)

  1. I enjoyed reading your deep and meaningful interpretation of todays assignment and I think I know where you are coming from. Good for you.

    Posted by creakingbones | April 8, 2015, 6:09 pm

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