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Day Four: Serially Loss of something(s)


Writing about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more, incline to direct us in writing a sad story. It can be seen from the general opinion that if someone is questioned to their serially loss, they tend to reveal that all of those experiences relate to the sad experiences. However, I hereby write a personal story that specifically tells experiences about my serially loss of something, particularly when I studied in high school.

High school period was an enormous and amazing experience to remember. Virtually all mature people will miss their story when studying in high school. In this period, teenagers would like to act in their own manner. It is common that high school students are on their way in looking for their passion and identity.  As my experience, I had several funny stories when I lost my helmet at school. At that time, most of students went to school by driving motorcycle or using public transportation. It was my first time when I drove my new motorcycle to school. Even though my ride and helmet were not fancy stuff, but I loved it so much. I just put it on the parking area. I did not realize that by putting our stuff in public place would result in a loss.

It was a school festival when I lost my helmet. My friends and I participated in a program called as ornamental motorcycle exhibition. This program was an interesting moment, but also gave me a bad experience. To begin with, before stayed at school, I parked my ride in school park area. Many motorcycles were located there, started from the cheapest to the most expensive rides. My ride was just a medium price, but it was an invaluable stuff for me. So therefore, I just felt have no confidence to store my ride with the other rides.

The story begin, after buying some additional stuffs for the preparation of our program, I lost my helmet. It was not expensive, but it was a useful thing for me. Consequently, I went home without using helmet. Unfortunately, on my way to home, I was stopped by a policeman. I just alone and it was a bad dusk for me. The officer asked why I had not had my helmet on. I just explained him that I lost it, but he did not believe in me. Finally, he asked me to pay for forfeit as consequence of my mistake. However, it was strange that he charged me with irrational price. Meanwhile, I had no more money for paying the forfeit. Therefore I called my friend to lend me an amount of money. Actually I was afraid of getting captured by police officer, but I did not have any choice. I just followed all his instruction.

On the next day, I told my friend about my bad experiences. They just laugh at my ridiculous stories. I strongly felt down due to the bad things happened on me. I lost my helmet, captured by a policeman, paid for irrational fines, and then most of my closed friends razzed on me. Even though it was such a like a serially loss, but I enjoyed my high school time. Sometimes I laugh at myself when remembering my ridiculous moments. Now, when I already a mature man, I just happy to recall my school day stories.

That is my serially loss story, what about yours?


About bertousman

Many people say that to be different is exclusive, it is in line with what my friend had already said to me "Form is temporary, but Class is permanent". I absolutely agree with this one.


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